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Do you want to boost your XBox points and redeem awesome bonuses on the XBox website? Then get your hands on this XBox live points generator. This one of a kind program will generate free working and genuine XBox 360 points code. It is safe to use without the fear of getting banned unless you’re trying to generate insanely massive amount of Live points.

Xbox points, or Microsoft points, can be used as currency in the Xbox Live Marketplace wherein you can purchase games, add-ons, TV shows as well as videos without having to use a credit card. The points vary in price depending on your country. Generally, you get at least 80 points per dollar you spend. But with this generator, there’s no way you have to spend money. If you have as much as 1600 points, you can already enjoy as many features as you can get in the Live Marketplace and you don’t have to pay for it.

Every gamer and Xbox aficionado needs this in order to have the ultimate gaming experience. Imagine how awesome it would be to get a hand on excellent games, weapons and others without actually paying. You can purchase a game and save it directly in your Xbox without having to worry about scratching the CD.  We all know how expensive CD copies of games are nowadays. By using this Xbox live points generator, you can use your earned points and redeem awesome games.

Also, there are tons of excellent features in the Xbox Live Marketplace that would help you boost your gaming experience. This is definitely a must especially for top level gamers who would want to strengthen their characters. Definitely, it is the gaming experience of a lifetime.

Our Xbox live points generator is one of the most successful programs ever released to help gamers earn live points. It is a groundbreaking application that is proven effective by top level gamers. You have never seen a generator this quick in making points without setting off alarms. Compared to other programs, you can get safe points with this and never get banned.